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Blocked Drains Brisbane

Fix your blocked drain without having to dig up your property! If you have a toilet or sink is backing up, or your backyard is flooding when it rains, Qld Utility Locating are available for all after hour emergencies, seven days a week.

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The most common drains on properties are sewer and storm water drains. In addition, acreage blocks usually also have septic drains.


  • Water begins to back up out of a sink drain.
  • Pools of water form around shower drains.
  • Water drains very slowly after forming pools.
  • Toilet water bubbles when you run the sink.
  • Drains make gurgling sounds (most common after running washing machine / dishwasher)
  • Pools of water form on floor close to the bathtub or a sink.
  • There is a smell of rotting food coming from the kitchen sink area.


1 Determine that you actually have a blocked drain.  If the drain shows the typical symptoms as we’ve listed above, then have call us to inspect and clear the blockage.

  1. Get help from a qualified professional for blocked drains. Using CCTV camera, we can inspect the cause of the blockage and exact location of the problem area. The most common causes of blocked drains are tree root infestation or a cracked pipe.

3.Manage a regular maintenance for drains. Going forward, to avoid pipe repairs, a regular maintenance programme for the affected drain – clearing debris and/or tree roots penetrating the pipes.


Cracked pipe work, Tree root infestation, blocked trap bottom, silt, foreign objects, vermin, mis-aligned pipe work, faulty installation, blocked trap, nappies. toilet wipes, paper towels, sanitary products, oils, grease, scum build up.


QLD UTILITY LOCATING offer a comprehensive maintenance programme. You may already have a problem drain or may have old pipe work and rather than wait for the drain to block up maintaining it can be a cheaper alternative for the short term. This will save you having to get someone out in an emergency which can be very costly. It will also give you piece of mind that your drain will not block when you have visitors.


With the high number of storms in Queensland, storm season is the time to ensure your storm drains cleared from leaf build up and silt.

What most of us fail to realize is that when storms hit us a partial or full blockage can very serious – water will back up drains, fill up down pipes then overflow into our ceiling space in the home. Typically, this can result in a water damaged ceiling, faulty electrical lighting and outages.  Additionally, it creates dampness inside our homes and potential mould growth. Repairs to rectify this type of water damage can easily cost home owners thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Blocked drains should be attended to upon first signs that there might be an issue. Taking immediate action will save you money especially if the drain is only partially blocked allowing the blockage to be quickly cleared before the problem has time to escalate or your pipes become harder to clear.


  • Foul smelling odours emitting from your drains
  • Gurgling noises in your pipes
  • Slow to drain sinks, bath tubs, toilets, dish washer, outside traps, down pipes, bad smells, water pooling in the yard, gurgling noises near fixtures

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  • Turn the WATER TAP on and fill the sink up partly with water
  • If you have a double kitchen sink, plug one of the drains with a wet rag;
  • If it’s a bath sink, be sure to plug the overflow hole instead;
  • After that, start to plunge the other side (use a cup plunger – you can purchase these from your local hardware store).
  • Work the plunger up and down several times, then pull it off, repeating a few times.
  • If you have a toilet, make sure you use a flange plunger for better results.

We recommended that you stay away chemical drain cleaners, as they can be extremely harsh and cause corrosion to pipes. They are also damaging to our environment


Neglected or aged pipes can be lined with years of build-up, from rust and hair to grease and other harsh minerals. This build up can cause dangerous corrosion leaving your pipes damaged.

Hydro-jets, jetters, or jet rodders are extremely effective at clearing both sewer and stormwater drains. They are also very efficient for clearing grease blockages in drains (without harsh chemicals) as well as cutting out and removing tree roots.

The Qld Utility Locating Hydro-jet is trailer mounted units and operates at a very high working pressure. The Hydro-jet pushes high pressure water out of the end of a small nozzle attached to a hose.  The Hydro-jet is placed into the drain and which self-propels itself through the pipe, blasting through any blockages such as tree roots and silt.

This method of clearing is suited by drain specialists as it has the highest chance of clearing stubborn blockages. It’s also chemical free cleaning which is an environmentally safe and smart choice for you, your family and the environment.

Qld Utility Locating offers regular maintenance plans for your home or business that will save you serious money in the long run by preventing costly repairs or pipe replacements. It also puts a stop to plumbing emergencies or inconveniences! 

Ask about our maintenance plans today.

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Doing some big renovations to our house we had to find out all the underground utilities before beginning any digging. We chose QLD Utility Locating because they had so much experience. They did the job accurately and explained so it was easy to understand. Very down to earth and approachable and we particularly like that we were able to ask any question, nothing was too much trouble. A great service all round, if you are renovating call QLD Utility Locating they were fantastic.

Greg and Francis Mooney

I approached QLD Utility Locating because I had a huge water bill. Complete Utility Locators were able to assist and find the source of the leak that was adding extra money to my utility bill. The result was they were able to advise exactly what needed to be done to fix the underground leak and no more shocking water bills!!! Thanks team you did a great job and saved us lots of money.

Andrew Cotterill