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Easy and Quick or Long and Hard?

When it comes to locating underground services there are many reasons why some jobs are quick and easy and some are just a little longer to locate.

  • type of pipe
  • what is the ground
  • what sort of noise is on the site
  • time of day / weather conditions

We have specialised equipment that can locate underground services which include electrical conduits, water and gas pipes, telstra cables, nbn.

If your site is close to a train station or on a noisy street we will assess the area and make a call whether to come back at a quieter time having more accuracy on our listening equipment.

Long and hard jobs can be avoided with our learned experience and ability to assess each job individually. At the end of the day we wish to do the location job for you in the least amount of time with the best accuracy. Leave to us the experts in Underground Utility Locating because we are underground and under control and here to offer the best service on your site.