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Many people are unsure what utility location actually means, and sometimes by the time you need to contact an underground utility or pipe locator you already have a problem with a broken pipe that may be leaking water or a renovation on hold due to not knowing where underground pipes are.

Underground pipe location is a service that locates and labels pipes and mains that are underground. The different types of lines could be:

• Electricity Lines • Council storm mains / sewer mains • Fibre Optics (such as the new NBN lines being laid) • Natural Gas • Water mains

You can find out what services are located underground up to the service connection or meter you can call ‘Dial Before You Dig’. Dial Before You Dig - or DBYD - can assist you with services that go up to the boundary of your property. Services that are within the owner's property boundary will not be on Dial Before You Dig drawings and are the responsibility of the owner of the property.

Failure to call such a number ahead of time may result in a fine or even a criminal charge against a person or company, particularly if such negligence causes a major utility outage or serious accident, or an evacuation due to a gas leak. Hitting a water main may also trigger local flooding which can lead to damage, injury and major delays on your job. Dial Before You Dig is available to contact to show where approximately these services run up to your boundary.

  1. Know what underground services run to your boundary
  2. Contact QLD Utility Locators to have all pipes within your boundary located and marked out
  3. Proceed with your project with confidence

DBYD will show all utilities running through the street. This does not indicate that every one of those services will enter into your property. For example, if you are doing a renovation and needed to get electricity into the property it pays to check that there are not other services you are unaware of entering your property boundary. And to find out what lines or services are on your property or site an experienced and professional underground pipe locator is the safe and smart way to go.

QLD Utility Locating

QLD Utility Locating is a professional utility locating company that prides itself in a high standard of service. We are an industry leader in infrastructure knowledge, safety and customer satisfaction.
We are Utility/Pipe Location & Jet Rodding Specialists offering to all our customers:

  • Professional Service - 24/7 Emergency on call
  • Pipe and utility location - Unblock drains/pipes
  • CCTV camera footage - Reports for project managers/government bodies and home owners

We offer the latest technology and equipment and can generate reports on initial assessment of a job, progress and include any further reporting information required in a timely fashion – delivered when the client needs it.