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Drain cleaner - get blocked drains clean, no chemicals, we use water jet rodding - Brisbane

Blockages can be caused by tree root intrusion, fat and grease build-up, general residue or a damaged drains and pipes.

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Do you have a blocked drain or blocked sewer pipe?

Get your drains cleaned, blocked drains unblocked, faster with our Qld Utility Locating jet rodder. We don't use chemicals, our equipment is latest hydro-jet blasting technology and this state of the art and specially engineered equipment can unblock even the most difficult blocked drains and pipes. With hydro jetting, a high pressure thin stream of water flushes debris and build-up away rather than simply moving it further into your plumbing. Reduce the chance of a recurring problem in the drain or pipe by using our high force water blasting that ensures the interior of the pipe is completely scoured clean.

Only jet rodding equipment can ensure that the full internal diameter of the pipe is cleared and cleaned thoroughly. Qld Utility Locating trailer is mounted with our jetting system that is designed to be easy to to and can be used with just one technician onsite ready for any area on your job. Hydro jetting is the most effective way to get restore drain and pipe health, free of debris and residue - works on fat and grease.

We carry out video inspection in drains and pipes

Qld Utily Locating carry out video inspection in drains and pipes to help locate the following problems

  • Cracked sewer lateral
  • Bellied drain line
  • Separated lateral joint
  • Debris blockage
  • Root intrusion
  • Leaking pipe joints
  • Deteriorated piping materials

Qld Utility Locating CCTV Pipe Inspection cameras can reveal which issue is the cause of sewer and drain symptoms. We offer inspections of drains in Brisbane.  With CCTV Pipe Inspection cameras the depth and exact location of the issue can be identified to keep your repair costs down. Once your sewer or drain line inspection is completed, our technician can advise you on your options.


CCTV pipeline video inspection can be used determine the appropriate solution for many issues. From determining if a sewer pipe is blocked and where that block is, to assisting in construction and location of sewer pipes and council mains when extending or building on an existing site.

Building with sewer pipes underground can vastly affect your plans, however we have the ability to determine the approximate age of the sewer pipe and whether it is still in use and is active or inactive (if older) .

We can present you with a report for the council and CCTV footage of the pipe to assist you in your application to the relevant council which can in turn save you money and give you grounds to build where you thought you may not be able to/subject to their decision.



If your sewer pipes are cracked or broken from tree roots or movement in the ground around your property, it could be leaking water and waste into your property. As the soil absorbs the additional moisture and nutrients, the growth of the surrounding area could significantly stand out in colour and growth rate.  If you see a green, lush area, take care to check it out.  We can inspect the area for you with our camera and advise if there are any issues.

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Now that summer is on its way so are the summer storms. Queensland storm drains cannot usually cope when there are heavy down pours. When our storm drains block up they can cause huge headaches, water can easily flood into your property. Storm can also cause can also overflow into our sewer drains which in turn fill up and make our sewer drains over flow into our living areas or yard.

As always ensuring that pipes and drains are clear and flowing is always the best action. Use the services from QLD Utility Locating to clean out any drains prior to the storm season. This will ensure you have the best possible chance of not getting flooded at home!

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What customers say

Doing some big renovations to our house we had to find out all the underground utilities before beginning any digging. We chose QLD Utility Locating because they had so much experience. They did the job accurately and explained so it was easy to understand. Very down to earth and approachable and we particularly like that we were able to ask any question, nothing was too much trouble. A great service all round, if you are renovating call QLD Utility Locating they were fantastic.

Greg and Francis Mooney

I approached QLD Utility Locating because I had a huge water bill. Complete Utility Locators were able to assist and find the source of the leak that was adding extra money to my utility bill. The result was they were able to advise exactly what needed to be done to fix the underground leak and no more shocking water bills!!! Thanks team you did a great job and saved us lots of money.

Andrew Cotterill