Qld Utility Locating carry out leak detection for homes and businesses. We use only the best acoustic water leak detection methods. We help homes, businesses and government locations all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

  • We have over 20 years trade experience
  • We can not only locate the water leak, in addition we can locate where the leak originates.
  • Because we have also installed plumbing pipe work in the past, we’re able to problem solve and detect the hard to find water leaks.
  • We’re not just trained to locate a water leak and that is what sets us apart from the rest
  • We can locate a simple poly pipe water leak located in a residential property to any industrial or commercial application.

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We are one of few leak detection companies that carry out this full range of leak detection services -

  • Pressure test the pipe to confirm you have a water leak
  • Locate the direction of the water supply line from your meter to the house or building structure
  • We can also locate plastic poly water lines and blue brute fire mains lines
  • Use acoustic leak detection equipment to locate the water leak
  • Use nitrogen or compressed air to boost the supply line making easier to locate difficult to carry out leak detection
  • For even more difficult to find leak detection situations, correlators, foaming gas or hydrogen detectors can be used
  • Once we have pin pointed the leak we can recommend the best course of action and recommend one of our skilled plumbers to carry out any repairs.

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  • Your water bill is substanially higher than usual
  • Drop in water pressure at your premises
  • Your local council has sent you a high water usage notification
  • You have a section of concrete/pavers that’s always damp or mouldy
  • An area of your grass grows much faster or is much greener than the rest
  • An area of your grass or garden is constantly wet or soggy
  • When you turn off all taps the water meter is still spinning
  • Retaining walls or brickwork has cracks or movement

When a pressurised water pipe develops a leak, the water flows out of it into the surrounding ground at high speed, which causes the pipe and soil to vibrate at the exit point. This sound, or vibration, is transmitted by the pipe and surrounding material where it can be heard with the highly sensitive microphones.


Qld Utility Locating have invested in the best equipment for leak detection. We use Sewerin AQUAPHON acoustic equipment that is designed for professional, electroacoustic water leak detection.

The Sewerin Aquaphon A50 receiver, together with an array of microphones enables us to customize each location and leak detection situation for an successful outcome.


There are many simple checks you can conduct on your own property. Sometimes the source of a leak is really obvious and can be located by completing these simple inspections yourself –


  • Check all the house hold taps to make sure they are not dripping or running.
  • Hidden taps – ensure you check dishwasher tap and laundry taps connected to a washing machine. These taps are usually out of sight and often forgotten.
  • Check toilet cistern for running water into the toilet bowl after cistern is completely full.


After checking to see that no water is dripping or running inside your property, carry out these simple checks -

  • Check if water is pooling on the grass lawn or water marks on internal or external wall.
  • Check the electric or gas hot water system valves are not dripping or running
  • Check roof installed solar hot water unit. These are harder to inspect as they are typically installed on the house roof and are harder to review. Typically, a leak be coming from the relief valve which can be overflowing into the gutter of the house.
  • Check all external water taps used for gardens, garages, outdoor living areas.


Monitoring the readings on your external water meter can show where water usage may be abnormally high. To review your water usage, take an overnight reading from the water meter. Review it again the next morning and calculate the amount of water used.


Be aware of the location of your water meter. In the event of a major water leak, you can quickly turn off the water supply to your premises.

If you reside in a block of units or a commercial property water meters can be harder to locate and then once located, you may be presented with issues shutting off the supply. Qld Utility Locating so we can assist you with water meter location and shut down of supply to your premises.

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What customers say

Doing some big renovations to our house we had to find out all the underground utilities before beginning any digging. We chose QLD Utility Locating because they had so much experience. They did the job accurately and explained so it was easy to understand. Very down to earth and approachable and we particularly like that we were able to ask any question, nothing was too much trouble. A great service all round, if you are renovating call QLD Utility Locating they were fantastic.

Greg and Francis Mooney

I approached QLD Utility Locating because I had a huge water bill. Complete Utility Locators were able to assist and find the source of the leak that was adding extra money to my utility bill. The result was they were able to advise exactly what needed to be done to fix the underground leak and no more shocking water bills!!! Thanks team you did a great job and saved us lots of money.

Andrew Cotterill