Blocked drains? Get your drains and pipes cleared faster with our Jet Rodder.

Our equipment uses the latest hydro-jet blasting technology.This state-of-the-art equipment can clear even the most difficult blocked drains and pipes. A high water pressure mechanism flushes debris and build-up away rather than simply moving it further into your plumbing system. This reduces the change of a recurring problem by ensuring the pipe is left clear and clean.

24 Hour Response Time

We can find water pipes, phone lines, cable, gas, electricity, stormwater, water pipes, sewer and drain lines.

CCTV camera footage and comprehensive reporting is available.

Jobs from $200 ex GST includes travel within 30klm of Brisbane Metro and Sunshine Coast 30klmAsk us online now about your job.

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A PRICE? As a guide, jobs start from $220 ex GST and include travel within 30 klms of Brisbane Metro. But, it's always best to ask us online, or call us - we're only too happy to discuss your job requirements.

DBYD Certificate 00002278


Jet rodder heads for cleaning and debris removal

Our trailer mounted jetting system is designed to be easy to tow and handle. It can be manoeuvre onsite with just one technician to almost any location on your job in Brisbane.

Drain cleaning 

Drain cleaning Brisbane - jet rodding / water blasting / chemical free

Blockages and slow flowing drains can be caused by tree root intrusion, fat and grease build-up, dirt and silt, general residue or by damaged drains and pipes. Regular drain cleaning is integral to keeping waste water flowing in drains around your home,business or industrial site. Qld Utility Locating can schedule regular drain cleaning maintenance.

CCTV pipe inspections.

A CCTV pipeline video or drain camera inspection may also be required to determine the appropriate solution. Determining if a sewer pipe is blocked, where that block is, or assisting in construction and location of sewer pipes and council mains when extending or building on an existing site.

Building with sewer pipes underground can vastly affect your plans. However, we have the ability to review the approximate age of the sewer pipe and whether it is active or inactive (if older). We can present you with a report for council drain camera / CCTV footage of the pipe to assist you in your application which can save you time and money on your building project.

In large unit complexes, you may have a situation where it is unclear if a drain issue is the owner’s or the body corporate responsibility. Using CCTV and location services will take out any guess work and assisting determining who is responsible.


We locate underground service utilities, water leaks and we unblock pipes.

If it's underground, it's under control.

Qld Utility Locating is a family owned and operated business. What sets us apart is that we are not just locators or leak detection technicians - we are trade qualified plumbers.

Because of our trade background, we can easily liaise with on-site supervisors, builders, tradies and home-owners alike. We help problem-solve and remedy issues that you may be facing at home or on the work site. We are one of few companies that have actually laid pipework, and we are familiar with most materials used in the ground. We know what is going on underground. 

24 Hour Emergency Service.

We appreciate deadlines made by building and body corporate managers, so we offer a 24-Hour Emergency After-Hours Service. We guarantee to be on-site the same day you contact us. Qld Utility Locating incorporates multiple services which enables just one phone call to take care of your emergency.

Extensive professional locating services.

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It’s not worth the risk to not use us. 

Before doing any excavation, it is essential to check what utilities are underground first. It could save you thousands of dollars, it can even save lives. We are here to protect you from damaging any underground utilities. You do not want to disrupt a service to an entire neighbourhood, and be potentially responsible for fines and/or repair costs.

Qld Utility Locating have worked for these companies completing underground service locating


We work with Local Councils, Builders, Renovators, Architects, Electricians, Plumbers, Hydraulic Engineers, Commercial Businesses, Engineering Practices, Environmental Companies