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Qld Utility Locating locate services — we're underground service locators based in Brisbane.

We know the projects you are working on are costing you money and appreciate your need find any underground services before you dig try to dig 20 holes, manually! Searching for underground pipes or before a building site is shut down and put on hold waiting to locate pipes.

We appreciate the deadlines of building and construction companies, and industry professionals right through to the homeowner who may be renovating a home and the safety aspects and importance of getting it right no matter how big or small your project is.

What most of us don’t realise is that having the plans indicating what utilities are in your working vicinity is not enough. To start work, not only do you need be aware of what services are near you, but you also need to locate the exact location and depth of the service.

Why you may need an expert to help you locate services.

  1. Locate underground services If you need to connect to an existing service
  2. Dial before you dig up your property to locate underground services You need to avoid damaging or breaking the utility service
  3. Find the depth of underground services on your property You need to confirm location and depth of the service to verify that is meets your renovating or building requirements

We'll locate all underground services for you. Fast.

Qld Utility Locating can locate services including:

  • Services locator TelstraTelstra
  • Services locator OptusOptus
  • Services locator NBNNBN
  • Services locator ElectricalElectrical
  • Services locator gas linesGas metallic & non-metallic pipes
  • Services locator for fire mains Water and fire service mains, metallic and non-metallic
  • Services locator for drains and stormwater pipesDrains
  • Services locator sewer drainsSewer drains

We can also locate plastic pipe conduits. Most locators can only locate metallic pipe work. It is essential to locate utilities, not doing so could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, especially if you damage a public utility. Striking electrical cables could be even more costly, causing injury or death.


We locate underground service utilities, water leaks and we unblock pipes.

If it's underground, it's under control.

Qld Utility Locating is a family owned and operated business. What sets us apart is that we are not just locators or leak detection technicians - we are trade qualified plumbers.

Because of our trade background, we can easily liaise with on-site supervisors, builders, tradies and home-owners alike. We help problem-solve and remedy issues that you may be facing at home or on the work site. We are one of few companies that have actually laid pipework, and we are familiar with most materials used in the ground. We know what is going on underground. 

24 Hour Emergency Service.

We appreciate deadlines made by building and body corporate managers, so we offer a 24-Hour Emergency After-Hours Service. We guarantee to be on-site the same day you contact us. Qld Utility Locating incorporates multiple services which enables just one phone call to take care of your emergency.

Extensive professional locating services.

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It’s not worth the risk to not use us. 

Before doing any excavation, it is essential to check what utilities are underground first. It could save you thousands of dollars, it can even save lives. We are here to protect you from damaging any underground utilities. You do not want to disrupt a service to an entire neighbourhood, and be potentially responsible for fines and/or repair costs.

Qld Utility Locating have worked for these companies completing underground service locating


We work with Local Councils, Builders, Renovators, Architects, Electricians, Plumbers, Hydraulic Engineers, Commercial Businesses, Engineering Practices, Environmental Companies